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Why You Should Choose to Buy the Hov Pod SPX: All Terrain Leisure Hovercraft (ATLH) Personal Hovercraft

Hov Pod personal hovercraft are extremely easy to pilot and fantastic fun, with a wow factor which comes as standard! Hov Pod sets the benchmark for personal hovercraft design.

Personal Hovercraft in Action

Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft in Action – More Fun Than a Sports Car!

So, what’s it like to fly? Imagine a modern-day flying carpet with attitude, twist the throttle, the skirts inflate and you rise up on a cushion of air, as if defying gravity. As the Hov Pod picks up speed, adrenalin starts to flow.

Experience the sensation of weightless travel, the thrill of traveling from water to land to water, feel the wind and water spray, at a hover height of just 8.5 inches from the ground, flying on an air-cushion is as good as it gets, particularly with speeds of up to 45 miles per hour! It’s also possible to perform 180 degree turns, or 360 degree spins. All riders share one characteristic, a huge smile.  The fun doesn’t stop at the water’s edge, as you can pilot the craft from the sea right up on to a beach, mud flats, or slipway as a hovercraft can glide over any flat surface.  It can carry up to 4 people.  The ideal way to really make an impression!

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No Comparison – Although all makes of small hovercraft may look similar, they differ greatly in terms of safety and performance. Most other makes have evolved from racing craft and are manufactured by enthusiasts. Consequently and due to the weight dependency characteristics of hovercraft, most are manufactured from very thin fibreglass, which is prone to shatter on impact. Racing hovercraft are also prone to stopping suddenly on water, a regrettable characteristic referred to as “ploughing-in”. In addition, many smaller hovercraft have re-bored, underpowered engines and consequently struggle to become airborne if required to start-up on water, leaving users stranded, frustrated and unable to reach home.

Advanced Design – The Hov Pod has been designed specifically for the leisure market and is capable of carrying 3 adults at a top speed of 45 miles per hour, over any flat surface. The craft’s many unique features include simplified operation; anti-plough design; higher powered engines; a high-impact HDPE hull, and marine grade stainless steel parts for salt water use (other manufacturers use mild steel). The Hov Pod benefits from CAD design and CNC engineering. All of this makes the Hov Pod ideal, not just for personal leisure use, but also for use by rental operators.

Caught in the Act... Hov Pod Gliding from Beach to Water!

Caught in the Act… Hov Pod Gliding from Beach to Water!

Simplicity, Safety & Durability – Hov Pods are designed to be easy to use, easy to service, safe to operate, reliable, durable and fun. The Hov Pod SPX is extremely buoyant and will even float if swamped with water, unlike glass fibre craft which can sink if the hull is punctured. By contrast, the hull of the Hov Pod SPX is manufactured from very strong, impact resistant HDPE, which is far more durable that GRP, (i.e. fibreglass), yet still lightweight, and extremely buoyant. Incredibly, the Hov Pod is able to withstand over one ton in weight before water ingresses into the hull.

Innovative Hull – The innovative use of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) composite, in the design of the hull, not only makes the hull extremely strong, lightweight and buoyant, even if damaged, but also enables hulls to be manufactured at a faster rate. This has the added benefit of improving delivery times in response to ever growing demand.  The hull of the Hov Pod SPX is available in a choice of colours.

Innovative Skirt – The Hov Pod skirt is manufactured from a Polyurethane/nylon weave, making it extremely hard wearing and almost impossible to rip. The skirt consists of 65 segments, so should one segment become damaged, only that one segment needs to be replaced, not the whole skirt.

Choice of Engines – There is also a choice of new engines too, both with full manufacturer warranty. Choose between either the very popular Rotax 582 65HP micro-light engine with dual ignition system, or the Weber Automotive 120HP 4 stroke Turbo charged engine for on-water payloads, designed to get you home should you stop on the water; – perhaps to do a little fishing!.

Exceeding the Brief – Hov Pod’s product engineers were set the task of creating a simple, easy to use hovercraft, which has become a by-word for reliability, durability and safety. The Hov Pod is the epitome of small hovercraft design, engineering and construction and is used by the Red Cross, the United Nations and many commercial operators. There could be no better tribute to the success the engineers’ dedication.

Simply Better – The Hov Pod has one simple set of controls which can be mastered in a matter of minutes, which together with its high levels of safety, unheard of in other craft, make it the ideal choice.

Hov Pod – More fun than a sports car!  

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why would you want to own anything else?

Hov Pod – The Craft of Choice – Owners of Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft take comfort in knowing they possess a craft tried and tested in extreme working environments, a craft chosen and trusted to perform an impressive list of tasks around the world:  High speed marine sub surface and ground scanning survey and detection;  Rescue work from flooded areas, mud, ice, tidal areas;  Famine, or flood aid, support;  Civil emergency; infrastructure support and Border patrol;  Oil industry survey, exploration and pipeline patrol;  Electrical Power-line patrol;  Safety or remote mining access support vehicle;  River, lake and port geological surveys; Mud & riverbed sampling;  Environmental projects and clean-up operations;  Airport bird scaring, support and rescue services;  Coastal civil engineering;  Bridge construction, repair and maintenance;  Transport, service and safety craft for river and low tide coastal work.

Begin your journey of discovery now, experience what the Hov Pod range can do for you!