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The demands of all terrain survey work dictates a need to be able to access inhospitable terrains such as riverbeds, inter-tidal areas, deltas, shallow lakes, mud, ice, snow and soft sand etc. These are not only hard to get to, but even harder to survey.

Mud and Tides Pose No Problem for the Hov Pod Commercial Hovercraft

Mud and Tides Pose No Problem for the Hov Pod Commercial Hovercraft

Conventional vehicles are very often impractical, or simply unable, to access these terrains and marine sub surface, or ground scanning survey and detection is, therefore, complex, costly, dangerous and time consuming.

The Hov Pod All Terrain Survey Hovercraft (ATSH) is highly versatile and offers a simple solution to these access problems.

The Hov Pod SPX (ATSH) can be equipped with magnetometers, ground penetrating radar, echo sounders and other detection equipment to undertake work in a controlled and cost effective manner. The Hov Pod ATSH has a very light footprint and when configured with GPS mapping can be driven at walking pace in difficult terrain and hazardous conditions, to undertake precise sub surface scans.

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Hov Pod – The Craft of Choice:  Hov Pod Hovercraft have been tried and tested in extreme working environments and is a craft chosen and trusted to perform an impressive list of tasks around the world:  High speed marine sub surface and ground scanning survey and detection;  Rescue work from flooded areas, mud, ice, tidal areas;  Famine, or flood aid, support;  Civil emergency; infrastructure support and Border patrol;  Oil industry survey, exploration and pipeline patrol;  Electrical Power-line patrol;  Safety or remote mining access support vehicle;  River, lake and port geological surveys; Mud & riverbed sampling;  Environmental projects and clean-up operations;  Airport bird scaring, support and rescue services;  Coastal civil engineering;  Bridge construction, repair and maintenance;  Transport, service and safety craft for river, Low tide coastal work and Unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection.  Hov Pod produces very little acoustic, pressure or magnetic signals and is, therefore, less prone to activating mines whether operating on land, or on water.

Standing in a Hov Pod Commercial Hovercraft

A Hov Pod hovercraft remains a stable working platform when operated from a standing position


Hov Pod ATSH have been used for:

Pipeline detection;

UXO detection;

Archeological site survey;

Contour mapping;

Geological surveys/mapping;

Lake, harbour, dam, slurry, runoff & riverbed mapping/sampling;

Environmental projects & clean-up operations;

Doubles up as a rescue, support or standby craft.

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Why you should choose the Hov Pod SPX: All Terrain (Marine, Ground, UXO) Survey Hovercraft (ATSH) 

Versatile and provides complete operational flexibility – The Hov Pod SPX range of craft have no submerged propeller and therefore there is no risk of damage, or entanglement, ending operations.  This is in contrast to a boat which, with a damaged, or entangled, propeller could become stranded, possibly even placing personnel at risk and in need of rescue.  The Hov Pod SPX can operate in shallow water and over mud, swamps, grass, riverbeds, open water, tidal regions, rapids, marshland, desert, sandbanks, shingle, weed, sand, ice, snow, roads, shallow lakes, dried up salt marshes, indeed any flat surface at speeds up to 45 mph.  Its’ all-terrain capability enables the Hov Pod SPX can undertake a straight path survey without concern to water depth, or other surface limitations in its path.

Suitability – The design of the Hov Pod ATSH means that it can be driven at walking pace, in a straight line, to accurately gather data. For front mounted sensors, external metal parts of the Hov Pod are aluminium, or stainless steel to reduce interference.

The Hov Pod hovercraft’s flat bottom prevents rolling, or movement, giving great work stability.

The Hov Pod hovercraft’s flat bottom prevents rolling, or movement, giving great work stability.

Stability – Whilst moving, the air cushion provides a more stable working platform than conventional boats or ground vehicles, especially whilst manoeuvring. When stopped on land, mud or water the Hov Pod’s flat bottom prevents rolling, or movement, giving great work stability.

Low purchase and operational cost – The Hov Pod SPX ATCH is a very affordable craft to purchase, operate and maintain. Several low cost Hov Pod SPX craft allow budgets to be spread over a wider area, enabling more craft to provide far better coverage than conventional vehicles.                         Ask a Question

Reliability, safety and ease of maintenance – CAD/CNC technology and high grade components ensure superb engineering tolerances for minimum maintenance. Simple design and easy access to all components mean that servicing does not require specialists so downtime is minimised.  Extensive safety features give operators worry free operation.

Easy deployment – Hov Pod can easily be towed behind, or carried on, traditional vehicles and can be supplied with a quick launch trailer. Being only 1.86m wide this means the craft can be quickly and safely transported to normally inaccessible areas, deployed anywhere, and launched and returned without special ramps, slipways, roads, or prepared infrastructure, or the need for operators to disembark into water. The Hov Pod can transfer simply by flying up a slipway, beach, riverbank, or over mud and ice.

Simplicity of design and controls – A low centre of gravity combined with a simple single engine design and with all unnecessary elevators, trim levers etc. removed, ensures great manoeuvrability and very simple operation. Simplicity of design means that, with minimal training, all operators can grasp the basics after only one hour’s tuition. This enables multi operator use so all personal can concentrate solely on the task in hand, without the need for specialist pilots.                         Ask a Question

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) construction – The HDPE composite construction is extremely strong and yet easy to modify, lending itself to quick and easy attachment of surveying equipment and boom arms. Straight line survey paths mean the hull must be strong enough to withstand impacts with objects in its path.  HDPE composite has excellent properties to withstand damage and enable use in harsh, all terrain environments.  This is in contrast to glass fibre, which breaks on impact and is, therefore, not used in the construction of the Hov Pod.

Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft

Hov Pod Hovercraft in Close-up

Skirt design – The unique, anti-rip, polyurethane/nylon segmented skirt consists of 65 anti-plough designed segments, fed from the IAPSS air management feed system. This gives excellent straight line survey capability together with ride stability and exceptional wear and damage resistance for increased operational reliability. The skirt system is designed to enable continued operation even if damaged.  Very light pressure footprint.

In Conclusion – The Hov Pod is the epitome of small hovercraft design, engineering and construction and is used by the Red Cross, the United Nations and many commercial operators.  There could be no better tribute to the success of the engineers’ dedication.

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