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The hovercraft rental market continues to grow and can be very lucrative. Ever since their introduction in the 1950s, hovercraft have captured the imagination of the public and people of all ages love to experience the sensation of weightless travel, particularly the thrill of traveling from water to land to water.

Small hovercraft expose passengers to wind and water spray; at a hover height of just 8.5 inches off the ground, flying on an air-cushion is as good as it gets, particularly with speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

The Thrill of a Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft Experience

The Thrill of a Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft Experience

What’s it like to fly? Imagine a modern-day flying carpet with attitude, twist the throttle, the skirts inflate and you rise up on the cushion of air, as if on a back-to-the-future type anti-gravity levitation vehicle. As the Hov Pod picks up speed, so the driver/passenger adrenalin starts to flow. “Experience” riders all share one characteristic upon return to base, a huge smile and the wish to have another go!

The 5-minutes “taster flight” is perhaps the most lucrative type of ride, assuming that you operate in a suitable area with lots of tourists, perhaps a beach resort where tourists wish to experience new thrills, or a lake, or river side, venue where water to land to water transitions can be demonstrated.

Hovercraft rental operators can generate income from different types of operation, for example many people have yearned to fly a hovercraft and via the Internet, can now buy “Experience Day” vouchers to learn how to fly. The sale of pre-paid vouchers provides positive cash flow and enables the operator to group people together perhaps 6 per instructor to generate more income.  A learn to fly day might cover safety and start-up checklists, practice flight as passenger, under supervision, or solo, and the group could manoeuvre through an obstacle course, or individuals could be timed to complete a circuit to choose the winner of the group.

Another Hov Pod Hovercraft Experience Enjoyed by All!

Another Hov Pod Hovercraft Experience Enjoyed by All!

Corporate management companies regularly organise events for their clients to include a number of activities for client employees, perhaps as a reward or incentive – event organizers are constantly looking for something new and hovercraft rental is sure the please. Hovercraft have a way of capturing the imagination and the uniqueness of the “hovercraft experience” as the craft glides effortlessly over different surfaces, transitioning from sand, or slipway, to water, to mud, or sandbank and back to water, cannot be emphasised enough.  It’s an event guaranteed to remain in the memory of all who are fortunate enough to experience it.

Commercial hire is another area to focus on to add income streams – clients may include bridge repair or environmental survey companies, clients who need to use the Hov Pod as a safety boat over long tern contract periods at rates of up to $1000 per day.

Why You Should Choose the Hov Pod SPX: All Terrain Rental Hovercraft (ATRH) 

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Hov Pod isn’t built for fun…  it’s engineered for it!

Although all makes of small hovercraft may look similar, they differ greatly in terms of safety and performance.  Most other makes have evolved from racing craft and are manufactured by enthusiasts. Consequently and due to the weight dependency characteristics of hovercraft, most are manufactured from very thin fibreglass, which is prone to shatter on impact. Racing hovercraft are also prone to stopping suddenly on water, a regrettable characteristic referred to as “ploughing-in”.  In addition, many smaller hovercraft have re-bored, underpowered engines and consequently struggle to become airborne if required to start-up on water, leaving users stranded, frustrated and unable to reach home.

The Hov Pod was designed specifically for the rental market, to popularise hovercraft for leisure use and is capable of carrying 3 adults at a top speed of 45 miles per hour, over any flat surface. Our designers were given clear objectives to do away with additional engines, gearboxes, levers, elevators and other unnecessary controls, to ensure that rental riders can master the controls in a safe manner, without lengthy training time. By optimizing the Hov Pod trim through the IAPSS air management feed system, “experience” riders can focus on having fun. Easy to tow behind a standard vehicle, the Hov Pod can be loaded and unloaded quickly in less than one minute by one person.

The craft’s many unique features include simplified operation; anti-plough design; higher powered engines; a high-impact HDPE hull, and marine grade stainless steel parts for salt water use (other manufacturers use mild steel).

Hov Pods are designed to be easy to use, easy to service, safe to operate, reliable, durable and fun. The Hov Pod SPX is extremely buoyant and will even float if swamped with water, unlike glass fibre craft which can sink if the hull is punctured.  By contrast, the hull of the Hov Pod SPX is manufactured from very strong, impact resistant HDPE, which is far more durable that GRP, (i.e. fibreglass), yet still lightweight, and extremely buoyant.  Incredibly, the Hov Pod is able to withstand over one ton in weight before water ingresses into the hull. The hull of the Hov Pod SPX is available in a choice of colours.

Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft Transitioning from Beach to Water

Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft Transitioning from Beach to Water

In addition, the innovative use of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) composite, in the design of the hull, not only makes the hull extremely strong, lightweight and buoyant, even if damaged, but also helps to absorb noise, making it one of the quietest hovercraft yet and enables hulls to be manufactured at a faster rate.  This has the added benefit of improving delivery times in response to ever growing demand.

The Hov Pod skirt is manufactured from a Polyurethane/nylon weave, making it extremely hard wearing and almost impossible to rip.  The skirt consists of 65 segments, so should one segment become damaged, only that one segment needs to be replaced, not the whole skirt.

There is also a choice of new engines too, both with full manufacturer warranty.  Choose between either the very popular Rotax 582 65HP micro-light engine with dual ignition system, or the Weber Automotive 120HP 4 stroke Turbo charged engine for on-water payloads, designed to get you home should you stop on the water; – perhaps to do a little fishing!.

The Hov Pod is the epitome of small hovercraft design, engineering and construction and is used by the Red Cross, the United Nations and many commercial operators. There could be no better tribute to the success of the engineers’ dedication.

Hov Pod – More fun than a sports car!

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