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Small military hovercraft operating as patrol hovercraft are the perfect solution for the protection of inland and coastal areas.

Hov Pod Patrol Hovercraft - Wherever you need to go, you can rely on it to get you there.

Hov Pod Patrol Hovercraft – Wherever you need to go, you can rely on it to get you there.

Governments, military strategists and law enforcement agencies face a rise in the risk of terrorism, civil emergency, cross border skirmish, drug smuggling, people smuggling and other issues of homeland security.

This naturally results in a growing need for an effective way to increase border and internal patrols, often in large and inhospitable areas. Speed of response and the ability to conduct reconnaissance are vital, particularly where there are many miles to be covered.

The Hov Pod SPX All Terrain Defence Hovercraft (ATDH) can carry up to 4 operatives and equipment and is the perfect all in one craft designed for the role of coastal, inland and border patrol. It’s also the only vehicle suitable for many areas inaccessible to conventional vehicles and can operate in tidal regions, marshland, sandbars, swamps, mud, sand, ice and snow.  In addition, Hov Pod produces very little acoustic, pressure or magnetic signals and is, therefore, less prone to activating mines and UXO whether operating on land, or on water.

Why You Should Choose The Hov Pod SPX All Terrain Defence Hovercraft (ATDH):                        Ask a Question

Fully amphibious – The craft has complete operational flexibility. The Hov Pod SPX has no submerged propeller and therefore no risk of damage, or entanglement, ending operations. This is in complete contrast to a boat, which would change, in the blink of an eye, from an asset into an operational liability, possibly placing its’ operatives in danger and in need of rescue.

Hov Pod Patrol Hovercraft has "All-Terrain" capability for an effective response anywhere.

Hov Pod Patrol Hovercraft has “All-Terrain” capability for an effective response anywhere.

The Hov Pod SPX can operate in shallow water and over mud, swamps, grass, riverbeds, open water, tidal regions, rapids, marshland, desert, sandbanks, shingle, weed, sand, ice, snow, roads, shallow lakes, dried up salt marshes, indeed any flat surface at speeds up to 45 mph. This all-terrain capability means that the Hov Pod SPX can act immediately, taking a direct line for fast interception, without any concern for water depth, or other surface limitations in its path.

Role versatility – The craft is excellent for reconnaissance, policing, border patrol, GPS surveillance and special forces retrieval. It is also an ideal surface craft to undertake multi surface interception, acting on downstream communications from airborne surveillance.

It’s also the ideal vehicle for humanitarian rescue and relief distribution during flooding, as it’s not hindered by hidden objects, such as wire fences and walls, submerged by the flood water, which would prevent the use of boats.

Suitability – It can operate in fog and monsoon conditions and, unlike a helicopter, it’s not at risk from power lines, or trees and there is no downdraft to disrupt surface operations. Also, It can retrieve casualties faster than a helicopter winch, which can only take one casualty at a time and it can deliver aid more accurately and safely, since there is no need for the aid to be thrown from a moving craft.

Small Military Hovercraft - Patrol Hovercraft

Small Military Hovercraft

Stability – The air cushion provides a far more stable weapons and observation platform than conventional boats, or ground vehicles, especially whilst manoeuvring. When stopped on land, mud or water, Hov Pod’s flat bottom prevents rolling or movement enabling operators to stand up to give a wider search view.

Low surface disturbance – No visible wave or wake makes the Hov Pod SPX very hard to locate, especially in calm, or night conditions. As the Hov Pod SPX ATDH operates above the surface, it produces very little acoustic, pressure or magnetic signals and is, therefore, less prone to activating mines whether operating on land, or on water.

Low radar cross section – Larger hovercraft and boats are easier to detect. However, the Hov Pod SPX can wait up, hidden from view by clutter either on shore, or on small islands, until required, when it can emerge at speed where least expected. The compact plastic construction produces a very low radar cross section.

Low purchase & operational cost = enhanced operational effectiveness

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The Hov Pod SPX ATDH is a very affordable craft to purchase, operate and maintain. One Hov Pod SPX is cheaper to purchase than the daily operating, staffing and service costs of a helicopter. Skilled pilots are not required and, as borders stretch for many miles over a wide range of surface types and obstructions, several low cost Hov Pod SPX craft allow military budgets to be spread over a wider area. This enables more craft to be deployed to patrol inland and coastal border areas and provide far better coverage and rapid response than helicopters, conventional vehicles, or larger, far more expensive, less portable and more complex hovercraft.

Hov Pod Patrol Hovercraft Exploring an Inland Waterway

Hov Pod Patrol Hovercraft Exploring a Waterway

Reliable, safe & easy to maintain
CAD/CNC technology and high grade components ensure superb engineering tolerances for minimum maintenance. Simple design and easy access to all components mean that servicing does not require specialists, so downtime is minimised. Resilient materials, robust construction, ease of use and extensive safety features give operators worry free operation.

Easy to deploy – It’s easy to tow behind, or carry on, traditional vehicles and can be supplied with a 45 second quick launch trailer. This means the craft can be quickly and safely deployed anywhere, and launched and returned to shore without special ramps and without the need for operators to disembark into water. This means defence personnel are not left exposed to observation, or attack, whilst wading slowly through surf, or soft ground, with wet heavy clothing. The Hov Pod SPX can be dropped by parachute for rapid deployment.

Simple design & controls – A low centre of gravity combined with a simple, single engine design and with all unnecessary elevators, trim levers etc. removed, ensures great manoeuvrability and very simple operation. Simplicity of design means that all operators can grasp the basics of operation after only one hour’s training. This enables multi operator use, ensuring operators can concentrate solely on the task in hand, without the need for specialist pilots.

Hov Pod Hovercraft in Detail

Hov Pod Patrol Hovercraft – Small Military Hovercraft

The only vehicle which can perform all the tasks of a Hov Pod is a Hov Pod.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) construction – The HDPE composite construction is extremely strong, lightweight and remains buoyant even if damaged. HDPE has excellent properties to withstand damage to enable use in harsh, all terrain environments. HDPE is also capable of being easily modified and configured to accept customer specified mounts and other specialist equipment. The use of HDPE composite in the design of the hull also helps to absorb noise, making it one of the quietest hovercraft yet.

Skirt design – The unique, anti-rip, polyurethane/nylon segmented skirt consists of 65 anti-plough designed segments, fed from the IAPSS air management feed system. This gives excellent ride stability and exceptional wear and damage resistance for increased operational reliability. The skirt system is designed to enable continued operation even if damaged.

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