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Why would you choose a conventional Yacht Tender when you can have a more versatile, exhilarating alternative?…  

Why you should choose to buy the Hov Pod hovercraft yacht tender.  Imagine that you have voyaged to an exotic location, only to discover that you can’t reach the shore due to a low tide, the water is too shallow, there are submerged rocks, or coral; that’s when you will wish you owned a Hov Pod hovercraft yacht tender.  Capable of carrying up to 4 people, it’s at times like these that the Hov Pod comes into it’s own.

Hov Pod Hovercraft Yacht Tender

Hov Pod Hovercraft Yacht Tender

Unlike boats, RIBs, Rigid-Inflatable Boats, (RIBs) and Personal Water Craft, (PWCs), which tend to crash through waves, the Hov Pod’s air-cushion enables it to effortlessly glide over the surface of the water, (typical hover height is around 8 to 9 inches, i.e. 0.25 meter, above the surface). This not only makes for a more comfortable ride, but enables it to easily and safely glide over sandbanks, mud and submerged obstacles which would be un-passable for boats and other traditional craft.

Hov Pod is a small personal hovercraft capable of travelling at speeds up to 45 miles per hour over any flat surface, such as sand, sandbanks, water, mud, swamp, ice, roads and grass.

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The Hov Pod Hovercraft is very popular with SuperYacht owners who seek something a little different for guests to enjoy!

Hov Pod Hovercraft Yacht Tender: Demonstrating it can go places a conventional yacht tender can't!

Hov Pod Hovercraft Yacht Tender: Demonstrating it can go places a conventional yacht tender can’t!

 So, what’s it like to pilot?…

Imagine a modern-day flying carpet with attitude, twist the throttle, the skirts inflate and you rise up on a cushion of air, as if defying gravity. As the Hov Pod picks up speed, adrenalin starts to flow.

Hov Pod Hovercraft Yacht Tender Transitioning to Water

Hov Pod Hovercraft Yacht Tender Transitioning to Water

The ride sensation is rather like levitation, allowing the driver to flit from surface to surface, from land to water to land, to perform 180 turns, or 360 spins – you are literally floating on air. Hear the gasp from passengers when you do not stop at the water’s edge, but fly up and over the beach, and then back out the sea. Total and unique fun. All riders share one characteristic, a huge smile.  What better way to really make an impression!

Hov Pod does not require a trained pilot, or driver. So anyone can easily learn how to operate the craft over any flat surface to, for example, take it from the sea right up on to a beach, mudflats, or a slipway and back out to sea to rendezvous with a waiting yacht.

What other craft can make you feel like an action hero!

Despite that, Hov Pods are designed to be easy to use, easy to service, safe to operate, reliable, durable and fun.

Hov Pod isn’t built for fun…  it’s engineered for it!                              To Make Enquiries Click Here

The Hov Pod is propelled by the fan, so there is no submerged propeller to get snagged on underwater obstacles, such as rocks, coral etc. – this means that you can fly over any flat surface so there are no restrictions to getting ashore, low tide is not a problem.

Every Superyacht needs a Hovercraft Tender

Superyacht Needs a Hovercraft Tender

In fact, it’s Hov Pod’ ability to travel over sand, mud, fast flowing water, shallow rivers, lakes, snow, ice, grass, tarmac and concrete which have made it an excellent rescue craft, chosen by the Red Cross.

An additional benefit is that the Hov Pod is friendly to the environment, as it will not damage coral, or surface swimming marine life such as sea turtles and manatees; in fact you can even fly over a bird’s egg without cracking it, the weight whilst hovering is similar to that of a sea gull standing on one leg.

The Hov Pod Hovercraft is unique, manufactured with simplicity of operation and maintenance in mind. The Hov Pod is the only hovercraft manufactured from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) composite.  The innovative use of this material makes the craft extremely strong, yet still lightweight and exceptionally buoyant, even if damaged.

The Thrill of a Hov Pod Hovercraft Experience

The Thrill of a Hov Pod Hovercraft Experience

In fact,  due to its’  very strong, impact resistant HDPE composite construction, the Hov Pod will still float even if swamped with water, unlike inferior fibreglass (GRP) craft, which can sink if the hull is punctured.  Incredibly, the Hov Pod is so durable that it’s able to withstand over one ton in weight, before water ingresses into the hull.

The use of HDPE in the design of the hull also helps to absorb noise, making it one of the quietest hovercraft yet and enables hulls to be manufactured at a faster rate.  This has the added benefit of improving delivery times in response to ever growing demand.  The hull of the Hov Pod SPX is available in a choice of colours.

The Hov Pod is designed for salt water use, with marine grade stainless steel parts as standard. The Hov Pod skirt material is manufactured from Polyurethane /nylon weave almost impossible to rip and extremely hardwearing. The skirt comprises of 65 segments, so should one segment get damaged, just that segment needs to be replaced, not the whole skirt. Designers use CAD/CNC technology to deliver digitally fractional tolerances.

The craft has one simple set of controls which can be mastered in a very short time. The Hov Pod can carry up to 4 people at a top speed of 40 miles per hour over any flat surface doing spins or tricks, or ride in over the top of the surf. The Hov Pod is the ultimate bigger boy’s toy for those who want to have fun.  Hov Pod – More fun than a sports car!

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Another Hov Pod Hovercraft Experience Enjoyed by All!

Another Hov Pod Hovercraft Experience Enjoyed by All!

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Features and Benefits of The Hov Pod at a Glance:                  

  •  Unique HDPE composite hull construction, making it extremely strong, lightweight and buoyant;
  •  Manufacturing able to respond to high demand through new manufacturing processes;
  • Fully amphibious and so can operate over water, land, riverbeds, grass, swamps, marshland, sandbanks, tidal regions, mudflats, weed, ice, snow, rocks and rapids;
  •  No wash or wake, so has only a minimal effect on surface, able to fly over eggs without cracking any, very light footprint;
  • Simple design with one engine minimizes unnecessary elevators, trim levers, low centre of gravity ensures great manoeuvrability;
  • Safety built in.  The engineering team approached the Hov Pod design from scratch to eliminate known issues and safety issues with previous hovercraft designs;

    Super Yacht Tender Hovercraft

    Super Yacht Tender Hovercraft – Fun Way to Access an Exotic Beach for Lunch

  • Reliable CAD/CNC technology to ensure superb engineering tolerances for minimum maintenance and maximum use and dependability;
  •  Easy to maintain.  The Hov Pod is fitted with high quality marine grade components and designed to be easy to maintain, supplied with excellent technical support documentation;
  • Skirt design.  Unique anti-rip polyurethane/nylon segmented skirt with 65 anti-plough design segments fed from the IAPSS air management feed system;
  • Hov Pod can easily be towed behind, or carried on, traditional vehicles and can be supplied with 45 second quick launch trailer;
  • No launching problems. Launch from mudflats, or a beach and return to shore without operators needing to disembark into the water so they can keep dry and there is no need for special ramps;
  • Easy to operate as only minimal training is required, enabling operators grasp the basics after only one hour’s tuition and so there is no need for specialist pilots. 2-day engineering course available.

The Hov Pod is the epitome of small hovercraft design, engineering and construction and is used by the Red Cross, the United Nations and many commercial operators. There could be no better tribute to the success of the engineers’ dedication.

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A Yacht Tender and so much more…

Hov Pod Patrol Hovercraft - Wherever you need to go, you can rely on it to get you there.

Hov Pod Hovercraft – Wherever you need to go, you can rely on it to get you there.

Hov Pod – The Craft of Choice – Owners of Hov Pod Hovercraft yacht tenders can take comfort in knowing they possess a craft tried and tested in extreme working environments, a craft chosen and trusted to perform an impressive list of tasks around the world:  High speed marine sub surface and ground scanning survey and detection;  Rescue work from flooded areas, mud, ice, tidal areas;  Famine, or flood aid, support;  Civil emergency; infrastructure support and Border patrol;  Oil industry survey, exploration and pipeline patrol;  Electrical Power-line patrol;  Safety or remote mining access support vehicle;  River, lake and port geological surveys; Mud & riverbed sampling;  Environmental projects and clean-up operations;  Airport bird scaring, support and rescue services;  Coastal civil engineering;  Bridge construction, repair and maintenance;  Transport, service and safety craft for river and low tide coastal work.

the Adventure starts here!…  Why would you want to own anything else?…

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