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Hov Pod are world leaders in personal hovercraft design and manufacture. Designed for ease of use, and maintenance, durability and safety, the Hov Pod can be used for a wide range of commercial, military, rescue or leisure applications.

Hov Pod is the only company to offer HDPE composite hovercraft, and the first company in the world to introduce Carbon Fibre Composite production hovercraft.

Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft

Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft

Hov Pod tried but rejected the materials used by small hobbyist producers, such as glass fibre, neoprene coated nylon skirt material and Hypalon – we feel you should too. Hovercraft are weight dependent vehicles that travel over any flat surface, so strength and durability are important. Glass fibre hovercraft tend to be very lightweight, and lacks durability. Neoprene coated skirts are sensitive to UV so degrade in sunlight. Hypalon tears too easily – Hov Pod fits polyurethane coated nylon skirts that last far longer, minimizing replacement and shipping costs associated.

Hov Pod fit safety features that are not found on other hovercraft, such as the rear fan guard. Who in their right mind would go out in public with unguarded fan blades rotating at 2000 rpm? Many suppliers do so to improve airflow, thus allowing them to fit underpowered yet cheaper engines; Hov Pod doesn’t compromise on safety, neither should you.

Hov Pod design utilize CAD to produce CNC robotically engineered parts to minimize vibration and wear.  Hov Pod fit IP 65 and IP66 electrical connectors and enclosed wiring connectors to ensure 100% reliability in the marine environment, our customers expect this, so should you. Hov Pod doesn’t modify engines, since doing so would invalidate engine manufacturer’s warranty, we ship with full warranty.

Quite simply, when you buy a Hov Pod, you know you’re buying the best!  Hov Pod doesn’t compromise, why should you.

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